Alecia Yezback
Director of Finance

As a testament to her ability and drive, Alecia has helped build two great teams within our organization—Finance and Human Resources.

Building one would be enough for some, but not Alecia, which speaks volumes about her dedication to the company.

Alecia’s roles at Epitec primarily involve providing timely and accurate financial information to the decision makers and ensuring the company remains healthy and profitable. And that’s extremely important to us (and her) since we depend on the profitability of the company to fund our growth initiatives.

Alecia joined Epitec in 2007 and we quickly realized she was perfect for us. (Not surprising, since we are, after all, pretty good at recognizing talent.)

Some companies would classify her as a “high impact employee exhibiting superior potential.” Around here, she’s another passionate, hard-working, caring, team-builder who fits perfectly into our culture of “Placing People First.”

An avid runner, Alecia says, “I love the freedom and exhilaration almost as much as I love running numbers.”

And yes, Alecia knows numbers. Inside and out. But the ones she counts as most important are the ones that reflect our growth over the years.



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