Michelle Rusch
Manager of Training and Development

Every basketball team needs a point guard. Someone who knows how to set up plays and put the rest of the team in a position to succeed.

For our recruiters and account managers, that point person is Michelle Rusch.

For starters, Michelle manages the Epitec Recruiting Academy, which continually produces the type of recruiters that not only make us proud, but also provide our clients with the highest level of service in the business.

Developing recruiters is one of her favorite things about the job. “I love seeing the light bulb going off in someone’s head during a training session,” she says. “I can see it in their eyes. Everything is coming together for them. That’s when I know I did a good job.”

She’s the team player who makes every one around her better.

Michelle completed her Master’s degree in Adult Training and Development at Central Michigan University.

On an ongoing basis, Michelle reviews and analyzes the performance of our Delivery Teams and makes appropriate recommendations and adjustments on the fly. This ensures that we are meeting the goals set forth by each and every one of our clients. And, that we’re matching the perfect candidate to a client’s needs.

As far as what separates us from our competitors, Michelle says, “We stick to our delivery process. We make enhancements and improvements when needed.” Sounds simple, right? “Yes, but the trick,” continues Michelle, “is being able to recognize exactly what adjustments need to be made, and precisely when. That’s our secret sauce.”

Sounds like a slam-dunk to us.

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