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Alecia Yezback

Director of Finance

Alecia Yezback is the Director of Finance at Epitec. She joined the company in 2007.

In Alecia’s current role, she is responsible for financial reporting, payroll, billing and ensuring that all resources, partners and customers are onboarded into our financial systems.

You’ll recognize Alecia when you see her, because she’s always the first to roll up her sleeves and jump in on any project.

Alecia loves numbers because she says, “In an industry that’s made up of people and is forever changing, the financial side of the equation is always a clear indicator of Epitec’s success.” What she admires most about Epitec is our exceptional operations team that offers support for both internal and external employees.

While Alecia is go, go, go during the work week, she loves to take it easy on the weekends. She unwinds with yoga, running, time with her family and some travel.

It all adds up to a Director of Finance Epitec is proud to be associated with.

And did you know? Alecia is a valedictorian.