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Alyssa Zotos

Manager of Employee Care

Alyssa Zotos is Manager of Employee Care. She has been with Epitec since 2010.

Currently, Alyssa oversees employee engagement efforts creating an excellent experience for Epitec employees. She works closely with other teams to optimize processes around employee engagement and ensures information is clear and accurate.

Alyssa enjoys collaborating with different people and teams to solve problems, and having a positive impact on employees and customers.

Alyssa started at Epitec as a recruiter and in 2017, she began working with one of Epitec’s automotive accounts providing an exceptional experience for contract employees. This ultimately led to the creation of the employee care team at the company.

“I have been able to work in several different capacities and on many different projects during my time here and I have learned so much. Every day is different!”

Outside of work, Alyssa enjoys spending time at home with her daughter. She also likes visiting with family and friends, and relaxing with a good book.