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Drew Satterley

Manager of
Sales and Recruiting

Drew Satterley is a Manager of Sales and Recruiting. He has been with Epitec since 2011.

Currently, Drew is responsible for managing and developing the team that supports our healthcare and insurance customers.

Drew, who was called “Satts” by his hockey teammates, played 4 years of NCAA college hockey and says that that experience taught him how to work as a team and be aggressive and not quit until he’s reached his goal.

Epitec was lucky to get him, because Drew really works to give our customers what they need. Drew says, “My candidates and clients both know that I will go 110% for them to find them a position or fill a position. After my first placement years ago as a recruiter, I find it thrilling to place people into jobs they love.”

The competitiveness of the industry and the job is what drives Drew. “There is always competition to take your market share and if Epitec and my team doesn’t get better every day, we are missing out on opportunity,” he says.

A perfect day off for Drew would be a warm spring day, and include 9 holes of golf with his wife and then dinner on his back deck with friends.

Recruiting and sales isn’t what Drew thought he would be in after college, but he said he’s thankful he fell into such an exciting industry for a company such as Epitec. We’re glad he did, too.

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