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Hannah Schneider

Director of Sales and Recruiting

Hannah Schneider is our Director of Sales and Recruiting. She has been with Epitec since 2010.

Currently, Hannah manages Epitec’s largest team of account managers and recruiters servicing our automotive and manufacturing customers. Hannah is a domain expert in the field of immigration law.

One thing Hannah appreciates about Epitec is that we have “… a strong process that I feel puts us one step ahead of others. Having everyone in the company follow the same process allows us to succeed,” she says.

Hannah loves having something different to do each day. She says, “One day I might be working closely with a recruiter screening a candidate and other days I might be on-site with one of my account managers meeting with customers. I also like to help come up with new ideas to help grow the account and my team.”

Hannah is a newish mom, so she claims not to have many hobbies outside of playing trains and going to the park with her toddler. (She also adds that she likes it that way.) When she finds an odd moment of free time, she likes to mountain bike with her husband or read.

And here’s something interesting—Hannah still holds a high school swimming record. No wonder she is such a strong performer.