We are the ultimate technology talent-search agency.

Whether you’re an organization looking to optimize your technology services and workforce management, or top talent looking for a promising new opportunity, you’ve come to the right job-placement company.

At the heart of any IT solution are the people that make up your IT staff and that’s what matters most to us when we go to work for you in securing the most skilled professionals in the field to manage one of the most integral aspects of your business. We work with you decipher where your needs lie and build a plan to find the best and brightest IT professionals to fill those gaps and then execute on it.

In the professional world, one thing stands the test of time: it’s not just about filling a vacant job — it’s about growing a company’s business by filling it with people that are as passionate about your business as you are. It’s no secret that people who are passionate about their work will do that work better and that’s where we come in. Our team of trained IT and technology staffing recruiters have nailed down what makes not only a great employee, but a long-lasting relationship between employee and employer because a relationship that benefits both parties equally is the only kind of relationship we look for.

In our own right, Epitec offers a unique skill set — a proven process for fast delivery to our customers, an award-winning compensation and benefits package to attract top talent, a best-in-class employee care experience to retain our awesome people, and something else you can’t write a code for: working with people who are refreshingly easy to work with. It’s why we not only attract some of America’s top companies and brightest minds, but retain them — year after year.

Welcome to Epitec. Now let’s get to work.