The concept of placing
people first begins here.
The concept of placing people first begins here.

We find the perfect career for so many candidates, because placing people first starts at Epitec. That’s why every step of the way, as you interact with Epitec, you’ll see our staff is bright, engaging and the best at what they do.

Jerry Sheppard
Chief Executive Officer
Jerry Sheppard is the Chief Executive Officer at Epitec. He started the company over 40 years ago with a vision toward service. A graduate of the University... read more
Josie Sheppard
Josie Sheppard is our President. She’s been with Epitec since 1984. Josie has worked almost every position here, including, as she jokes, “washing out the coffee cups... read more
Tony Hollamon
Executive Vice President
Tony Hollamon is the Executive Vice President at Epitec. He’s been an integral part of the company since 1990. As a strategic decision maker and officer of... read more
Rebecca Bray
Chief Sales Officer
Rebecca Bray is our Chief Sales Officer. She’s been with Epitec since 1998 and has held several different positions, including recruiter, account manager and international business development... read more
Mark Ruma
Chief Operating Officer
Mark Ruma is the Chief Operating Officer at Epitec. He’s been here since 1997. Mark describes himself as a “Sales-Friendly Numbers Guy with the Heart of a... read more
Michelle Rusch
Manager of Sales and Delivery
Michelle Rusch is our Manager of Sales and Delivery. She joined Epitec in 2009. Michelle is responsible for managing and growing the engineering account team. Her team... read more
Jelard Macalino
Manager of IT
Jelard Macalino is the IT Manager at Epitec. He’s been with the company since September 2011. Jelard, who will also answer to “Jel” or “Lard,” but mostly... read more
Alecia Yezback
Director of Finance
Alecia Yezback is the Director of Finance at Epitec. She joined the company in 2007. In Alecia’s current role, she is responsible for financial reporting, payroll, billing... read more
Drew Satterley
Manager of
Sales and Delivery
Drew Satterley is a Manager of Sales and Delivery. He has been with Epitec since 2011. Currently, Drew is responsible for managing and developing the team that... read more
Kelleen Young
Manager of
Business Development
Kelleen Young is Manager of Business Development. She has been with Epitec since 2010. Kelleen, also known as “Special K” around Epitec, manages any new business and... read more
Hannah Schneider
Manager of Sales and Delivery
Hannah Schneider is our Manager of Sales and Delivery. She has been with Epitec since 2010. Currently, Hannah manages Epitec’s largest team of account managers and recruiters... read more
Bob Johnson
Manager of
Corporate Recruiting
Bob Johnson is our Manager of Corporate Recruiting. He’s been with us since 2012, and he’s worked in multiple roles and offices, which gives him a good understanding... read more
Lisa Heitzmann
Manager of Human Resources
Lisa Heitzmann is the Manager of Human Resources at Epitec. She joined Epitec in 2015. In addition to handling the day-to-day HR operations, immigration, compliance, and supporting Epitec’s... read more
Mike Henderson
Digital Strategist
Mike Henderson is the Digital Strategist here at Epitec. He also jokes that he is the Master Make Believer. Mike joins us after 15 years in advertising. His... read more
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