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Tony Hollamon

Executive Vice President

Tony Hollamon is the Executive Vice President at Epitec. He’s been an integral part of the company since 1990.

As a strategic decision-maker and officer of the company, Tony is responsible for new business development throughout the nation and growing the business.

Tony sometimes goes by the name “Tone.” He’s held almost every position in Epitec over his 30 years with Epitec, from recruiter to sales and employee relations. His attitude and endless knowledge of what needs to get done has helped us take Epitec from $2 million in sales to over $130 million in sales and from 40 employees to over 2,000.

Naturally curious, Tony says, he loves working toward mutually beneficial solutions and long-term relationships. When asked what he likes best about his work, Tony says, “I absolutely love all of the interaction and engagement with my peers, team and our clients and field employees. I’m energized by the daily collaboration as well as all of the insight, knowledge and encouragement garnered from the exchanges and contact.”

In his free time, Tony enjoys coffee in the morning, followed by a round of golf with his wife and friends. But most workdays, you’ll find him in the thick of it, working to offer our clients everything they need and more. He’s always ready to listen and deliver. “We have two ears and one mouth for a reason,” he says.