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Mark Ruma

Chief Operating Officer

Mark Ruma is the Chief Operating Officer at Epitec. He’s been here since 1997.

Mark describes himself as a “Sales-Friendly Numbers Guy with the Heart of a Recruiter.” As the Chief Operating Officer for Epitec, Mark uses all those skills. He’s responsible for tactical and strategic decisions that support the needs of our employees and our customers. Mark has a passion for recruiting. With the help of many great minds and team members, he’s participated and led innovative solutions that have brought improvements to recruiting and all aspects of operating Epitec.

In Mark’s current role, he is concentrating on operational excellence, problem solving and efficiency. Mark says he focuses on making everything “frictionless, intuitive and easier.” And he hopes to expand this approach across the country for the company.

When not working to advance Epitec’s goals, Mark is an avid golfer and makes time to coach sports as well. He says a perfect Saturday would include breakfast, 9 holes, swimming with the kids, lunch by the pool, home in time for dinner, watch a family movie, and then lights out before 11:00PM.

One goal Mark hasn’t achieved yet… He’s always dreamed of building the world’s tallest skyscraper. He may not have done that yet, but he certainly helps Epitec reach new heights of excellence for the company and our clients.