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Josie Sheppard


Josie Sheppard is our President. She’s been with Epitec since 1984.

Josie has worked almost every position here, including, as she jokes, “washing out the coffee cups by hand each night” before we got a dishwasher. But among those positions were some very important experiences: Administrative Support, Front Desk, Human Resources Manager, Payroll, Billing, Collections, Office Manager, Recruiter, Sales Manager and Vice President. And that has made her the highly qualified individual who helps us shape our company, each and every day.

Josie describes her mission as President in the following ways. To ensure that our mission and vision come to fruition. To ensure Epitec remains true to our culture. To be a leader to the Executive Team and make sure they have all the resources, knowledge and autonomy they need to move the company forward. And that’s just the beginning.

Josie loves the culture at Epitec. She says, “We have the best group of folks working together to make Epitec a company that people want to work for and companies want to do business with.”

In her free time, Josie likes to golf, play piano, cook and bike. And you may find her wandering around a cooking supply store, getting ideas.

Josie has a very giving nature. She says, “I enjoy and believe in giving back, either financially or with my time. I think that I am very fortunate to live this life I’m living, and I have a great sense of pleasure when I have impacted someone in a positive way, especially someone in need.”

We’re happy to have Josie as our President. She’s a natural leader. Having worked almost every position, she knows how difficult every job can be. And she never forgets. “I would never ask of anyone to do something that I, myself, would not be willing to do,” she says.