• Our mission:
  • help you accomplish yours.


Our mission is to be a valued resource to our customers, employees and partners.  To build a company that will last by being a healthy and profitable organization that continues to grow.

We accomplish this by offering the highest quality technological talent and servicing a prominent roster of top companies. And by hiring and maintaining an expert, enthusiastic staff of people we produce results for our clients. Our people are not just capable; they are also a pleasure to work with.


Be a premier IT, engineering, and professional staffing organization that people want to work for and companies want to do business with. A company that is employee focused, customer driven and process oriented.


Epitec is committed to innovation and collaboration, empowering each of our people to contribute intellectually, passionately and proactively. We embrace the differences in one another and capitalize on our collective strengths to provide superior service to our customers.

We embrace change, encourage forward thinking, and recognize that our customers, our talent and our employees all represent the infrastructure of our organization.


In 1978, Epitec founder and current “Head Visionary Honcho” Jerry Sheppard broke away from traditional corporate America to launch his own entrepreneurial quest. His goal was to harness unique thinking, generate unique systems and create unique ways of doing business to tackle the demands of the rapidly changing and highly challenging technological environment.

To help businesses take advantage of early computers (there were days without them, remember?), Jerry established Comprehensive Data Processing to provide the resources that companies needed to migrate from paper to electronic capability. This company later evolved into Epitec, a company known today for forward-thinking and advanced technological capabilities.

True to its startup philosophy, Epitec, a 100% African-American owned and operated firm, embraces entrepreneurial spirit and commitment to customer service excellence. While the past 30 years has brought economic highs and lows, Epitec continues to produce steady growth, product line innovation, and most importantly, highly satisfied clients.