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Does Epitec deliver?
You have their words on it...
Does Epitec deliver?You have their words on it...

Client Testimonials

“Our team had done a large on-boarding of resources to build up our PMO. We were set to on-board several Epitec employees and ran into an equipment issue internally. Epitec understood that we were buried in work and could not afford any delays. They found temporary equipment for the employees and each of them started on time and were able to hit the ground running.”

-PMO Manager, Energy & Utilities Customer

“Epitec was a new vendor to our supply base but has serviced our contract-to-hire service needs much better than our tenured vendor base. Candidates produced by Epitec were thoroughly vetted, extremely prepared and professional during the interview process and cost-effective options. In the end, we hired two Epitec resources to close out our most recent hiring needs and would definitely utilize their services again in the future.”

-Manager, Large Regional Hospital Group

“When looking at what makes a great supplier, it is not only delivering great services to customers, but also their commitment to support the communities in which they do business, and to make the world a better place.”

-Major Automotive Supplier

“Recently, our department was faced with finding homes for several displaced contract resources due to a last-minute vendor contract relationship termination. Epitec was the first company I turned to as an option to on-board these resources. Epitec was quick to respond to me as well as quick to take action on the displaced resources to ensure all of them were made to feel a part of the team and not in harm’s way of missing a paycheck or left out in the cold without a contract house to support them. Epitec worked through the backroom red tape to expedite on-boarding so that the transition process for these workers ended up being transparent. Epitec didn’t miss a beat.”

-Manager of Infrastructure, Large Municipality

“During the year, we experienced an unexpected resignation from one of our team members. In order to continue our processes without interruption, we needed a quality replacement as soon as possible. We immediately reached out to Epitec, knowing their reputation for not only quality candidates, but for offering placements in an efficient and effective manner. Working together, we were able to identify a candidate to fill this open position, have the candidate start in a time frame conducive to our team, and bring no issues to our project timeline.”

-Delivery Lead, Healthcare Customer

“Epitec provided quality candidates, exceptional customer service and responsiveness that was unmatched by its competitors in the same space.”

– Global Master Service Provider

“I’ve been especially impressed with the frequency and quality of the contact between Epitec staff, including the “rainmakers,” and me, as a supervisor of Epitec contract personnel. You’ve taken the time to get to know me, and have asked good questions about our ongoing operations and need for skilled resources. I have continued to be impressed with the quality of the Epitec folks we have contracted for, both in technical skills and work ethic.”

-IT Operations Supervisor, Automotive Customer

“I have always been very pleased with Epitec and the level of service you provide as well as the quality of the resources that you bring in.”

-Network Operations Supervisor, Automotive Customer

“Epitec has proven to be a leader in staffing services processes and operations, and these efforts continue to be very effective for the business areas requiring their services.”

– Major Healthcare Insurance Provider

“The Epitec team is responsive and always performs in a timely manner. Communication is integral to high performance and they continue to make that a top priority. Keeping a presence and a high level of visibility is also key in understanding the needs and requirements we are facing. Realizing our challenges and being able to respond in a timely manner is a very important part of the service that Epitec provides us.”

-Director, Healthcare Customer

“Epitec has a very comprehensive process for candidates’ selection. They do a fabulous job matching their candidates’ skills with our needs. They have just the right amount of presence from relationship/account manager perspective.”

-Manager, Healthcare Customer

“The Epitec staff has been very thorough in understanding our requirements and then providing high-caliber resources.”

– Major Retirement and Benefits Organization

“Epitec does a great job of being visible here at our company. Everyone knows and likes Epitec. They are flexible and easy to work with. They follow up regularly to make sure they get a detailed view of what we’re looking for. Epitec does a great job!”

-Manager, Healthcare Customer

“Epitec has helped us fulfill requirements in a number of activities including project management, application development and specialty needs. At our company, we expect high performance and cost efficiency from our vendors and that’s just what Epitec delivers to us. It has been particularly easy to work with Epitec because they took the time to understand our organization. We appreciate their partnership and applaud their performance.”

-Supplier, Healthcare Customer

“We had a position we needed to fill immediately. We interviewed an Epitec candidate and while they were a good fit, they were missing a few core skills that were identified after the position was broadcasted. I reached out to Epitec to give them the feedback and they right away sent over two more qualified candidates with the additional skills needed. We were able to hire one of those candidates and it made a huge impact on the pace of our project from the get-go. The promptness of these additional candidates is what made them stand out from the rest of the competition!”

-Federal Business Division Supervisor, Healthcare Customer

“I have trusted Epitec to exclusively staff opportunities in various locations across the country. Epitec continues to deliver top talent resources in a timely manner no matter how challenging the skill set or the position location. I am incredibly impressed with Epitec’s continuous effort to provide the best possible resources and their above-and-beyond mentality.”

-Delivery Lead, Healthcare Customer

“Epitec provides quality candidates! We have had 3 different openings over this past year, and Epitec has filled all 3 with A+ candidates.”

-PT Controls Systems Supervisor, Automotive Customer

“We had a resource give 2 weeks’ notice and were in a bit of a panic to get a replacement as we were in the middle of a critical project. Epitec quickly identified a very qualified backfill and got her on-boarded within just a couple days. This allowed enough time for knowledge transfer before the other person left. It was a smooth transition and the project continued with minimal disruption.”

-Application Supervisor, Automotive Customer

“Our Management recognizes the value of Epitec’s resources. An Epitec resource was initially tasked to assist another team member with the “Usage” section of a Testing Plan, a major part. For the past 2 releases and the current release, Epitec’s resource has absorbed all the responsibilities for the “Usage” section. Epitec’s resource has also been tasked with training new members joining the group and is the first point of contact for questions and/or clarification. Generally, this responsibility is assigned to additional full-time permanent employees. The Management team assigned this responsibility to Epitec’s resource, which demonstrates the trust they have in Epitec’s capability to deliver results and to reduce project costs.”

-Senior Quality Assurance Manager, Telecommunications Customer

“Epitec provided fast response on a HIGH-priority order that required immediate fill. You all quickly stepped up with the challenging situation we faced, and I’m so pleased! All of the candidates provided could absolutely do the job. After narrowing our selection down to 3 amazing candidates, we were then left with the difficult situation of picking just one of them. The selection was made and Epitec provided continuous updates with the status of offer acceptance, all the way through to 1st date logistics. WAY TO SET THE BAR, EPITEC!!!”

-Staffing Specialist, Telecommunications Customer