Using Twitter as a Recruiting Tool

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Twitter continues to revolutionize the recruiting and hiring process. A study by shows that there are over 60,000 jobs tweeted on Twitter each business day and over 500+ million tweets each day. However, there are still plenty of recruiters that avoid Twitter simply because they are unsure how to utilize the tool. To encourage fellow recruiters to participate in the Twitter fad, I have listed 5 helpful tips that will assist in successfully launching a Twitter campaign.

Tip #1 Develop a Twitter Strategy

Twitter is way more than just another job board to post career opportunities for your company. If used to its full potential, Twitter is a branding opportunity allowing the organization to share its message with followers. Therefore, it is important to develop a clear strategy for how your organization can effectively utilize Twitter by developing metrics to gauge success. Use Twitter as another platform to highlight your organizational values and beliefs. Provide job seekers with an insight into your company so that they are inclined to join your organization. Engage your audience!

Tip #2 Build Your Twitter Following

If you want your job postings to be seen, it is important to have followers. A great way to gain followers is to promote your username wherever possible. Another good tip is be sure your Twitter profile is complete. Personalize your account so that your followers can learn more about you and the industry you are in. Sharing news and events about your organization or the industry you are in is a great way to pique the interest of candidates who may only be passively seeking new opportunities.


Tip #3 Be Sure You Are Using Hashtags Relevant to Your Industry

When posting, how do you decide which hashtags to use to ensure your post is reaching your target audience? A great source which I have started utilizing is For example, if I enter #Engineering into the websites search bar, I am provided with the chart below which shows the top 10 hashtags related to #Engineering.


Tip #4 Support of your Colleagues

Encourage your co-workers and colleagues to join Twitter. Use Twitter as a platform to support each other and your organization. Retweet your co-workers’ jobs or share interesting Tweets with your audience.

Tip #5 Tweet Often

It is important to remember that you must tweet often if you hope to gain visibility. Twitter is a stream and therefore one must Tweet multiple times a day otherwise most of your content will go unnoticed. Studies have proved that increasing your tweet activity will result in an increasing number of followers.

Using Twitter as a recruiting tool can be incredibly advantageous to your organization. While it may seem easy, remember that developing a Twitter strategy will take time. Do not get discouraged if your results are not immediate. Work hard and remain dedicated to your strategy and eventually it will pay off.

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