Josie Sheppard
  • Head Coach
  • (President)

Soon after Epitec opened its doors as a progressive, high-energy, dynamic, information technology staffing provider, we hired a progressive, high-energy, dynamic person to help us run things. Enter Josie Sheppard.

And we are so glad we did. Josie grew up in this business, inspiring all of our team to grow with her. Over the years, she’s been our office manager, a top-notch recruiter, a client-facing sales rep, a VP, and now our president.

There’s virtually nothing she hasn’t done around here. She has been instrumental in all of our successes.

We call Josie our Head Coach, and for good reason. She not only crafts insightful and winning game plans for our growth, and the growth of our clients, she is a passionate mentor to everyone on staff. (But, thankfully, no push-ups yet.)

What’s truly remarkable to all of us is how Josie keeps us relevant and progressive in the fast-changing tech world. “It really comes down to values,” she says. “Nothing gives me more pleasure than seeing our people grow, personally and professionally. I love putting programs, training tools and strategies into place that keep us and our clients vibrant and on the cutting-edge.”

Interestingly, Josie recently began taking piano lessons. With the way she orchestrates things for us, we have no doubt she’ll hit all the right notes.


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