Leadership Team

The concept of placing people first
begins with these people.

Beginning with our “Head Visionary Honcho” (a.k.a. our CEO), Epitec is a place where people come first. Employers come here first to find top-tier IT, Engineering, and Professional talent—and experienced technical recruiters who take the guesswork out of finding the right fit. Candidates call us first because of the impressive list of opportunities we offer nationwide and our enthusiasm in helping them land the best one for them.

Our own employees? They come to Epitec because they’re passionate people who enjoy working with other passionate people. Including a Leadership Team that treats them like valuable teammates—every day.

  • Jerry Sheppard

  • Josie Sheppard

  • Tony Hollamon

  • Mark Ruma

  • Rebecca Bray

  • Michelle Rusch

  • Alecia Yezback

  • Drew Satterley

  • Kelleen Young

  • Hannah Schneider