Rebecca Bray
  • Chief Rainmaker
  • (Chief Sales Officer)

Simply put, Rebecca has a natural talent for matching people with the technical skills needed by our clients.

As Chief Sales Officer, Rebecca is responsible for our Sales and Recruiting teams that support our existing client base. Rebecca drives business by bringing a human touch to clients who are experiencing tech talent needs.

She keeps everything–and everyone–connected. No easy trick in this “what’s new today is yesterday’s news tomorrow” world of technology. And she balances it all with a confidence and calm you rarely see in this business. Which is why it makes perfect sense that Rebecca is a certified and registered yoga instructor.

(Not surprisingly, Rebecca has mastered the Upwardly Mobile pose.)

What makes Rebecca even more impressive is that she does all this while saving her clients money. “Hey, the bottom line is the bottom line,” says Rebecca. Asked how she does it, she answers, “By truly understanding technology and the business impact our resources can make with our customers and their projects. The more I understand a client’s business and their tech pain, the more efficient strategic solutions I can bring them.”

Rebecca also currently holds a position on the Advisory Board for Michigan Council of Women in Technology.

No wonder her clients tend to think of her as a high-tech matchmaker.

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